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Networking and Programming



Microsoft Windows  Servers provide multipurpose network operating system for businesses of all sizes. The newest version of the best-selling server operating system, Windows 2007/2008 Server lets you:

bulletShare files and printers reliably and securely.
bulletChoose from thousands of business applications compatible to run today on Windows Server.
bulletBuild Web applications and connect to the Internet.

This combination and flexibility delivers a strong business value proposition for today's IT customer.

"The immediate return on investment and the way Windows 2008 Server maps to our long-term goals makes it a perfect fit for our business. The upgrade was so easy—it only took several weeks—we're anxious to roll it out and use it throughout our service offerings."—Mike Connor, Senior Vice President, Brokerage Services Group, Automatic Data Processing (ADP)


David Parham and Associates have installed many NT/Windows servers over the past 17 years.      They are reliable, and easy to maintain.    The scalability makes Windows  Server one of the best business investments in our ever changing business climate.